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Kelly & Kat are a duo based in New York. The two sisters are singer songwriters whose unique style is defined by their signature harmonies. 

Punk Head

“Kelly & Kat​ reminds you of the best storytellers in pop, like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, hitting you harder than you expect them to be. Indeed, you don’t imagine a lighthearted, beautifully crafted pop song to get you all tear up, but its simplicity and star-esque imagination is exactly what it takes to evoke that lost feelings still lingering in the back of your head."

Pop Hits

"This talented duo from NY, United States, has managed to create a unique sound that combines commercial pop with a touch of easy listening, making it a refreshing addition to the US-based culture.

Their single “Stardust” showcases the duo’s incredible female vocals, reminiscent of famous artists like Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa.

A critic once described their music as “a mesmerizing blend of celestial harmonies and modern pop sensibilities.” This quote perfectly encapsulates the essence of KELLY & KAT’s music."

The Daily Listening

"It’s pretty evident these girls are ready to take the world by storm and new single, “Stardust,” just might be the catalyst to all of their hard work!"

Stream Stardust

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