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Kelly & Kat are sisters, singers, and songwriters from New York.


They developed a love of music and performing at an early age and have been pursuing it ever since.


In 2014, they made an appearance during the American Music Awards as winners of a nationwide Disney and Kohl's singing competition. Their harmonized rendition of the smash hit Let It Go in the Sing Your Frozen Heart Out contest, captivated millions of people nationwide.


Since then, they have been developing their unique style.

True singer/ songwriters, their singles highlight their signature harmonies.

Their first songs were produced by Adrian Young of No Doubt and Quinn Lamont Luke, both of whom co-wrote and played on the tracks.


In 2020, Kelly & Kat signed a publishing deal with Peer Music UK and J.O.A.T. Music Group.

Currently, they are releasing music produced by Warner Music writer, Eren Cannata on their next project Stardust, with the first single dropping May 26th.

To follow Kelly & Kat's journey, stay connected with them on social media @KellyandKat. 

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